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Oscar Remedies, quality is a journey, not a goal. Hence OSCAR efforts to improve quality never ends up. OSCAR Remedies continuously sets higher standards and feels passionate to achieve all that. The motto of OSCAR Remedies's quality policy is "Quality – the unit we count."

The company is committed to develop, sustain high quality in manufacturing of drug formulations in order to meet the customers satisfaction. For the quality of the products all the equipments required for testing are calibrated according to the norms mentioned in GMP and in our own in house specification. Calibration and validation process is prepared by Q.A. Manager according to the laid down standards by the committee compromises of Plant Manager, Q.C.Manager and Q.A. Manager. Records of the same will be maintained by Q.A. Manager.

Regularly we do periodical testing to check the drug substance. To make systematic working OSCAR have developed standard operating procedures that is S.O.P. at every level of production and testing along with general day to day working. The company is committed to develop, sustain high quality in manufacturing of drug formulations in order to meet the customer satisfaction. The quality policy of the company comprises:-

  • To continuously thriving to produce better than best.
  • To constant research of newer alternatives.
  • To reduce manufacturing cost.
  • To support market demands.
  • To practice continuous improvement.
  • To provide quality formulations to the customers.
  • To sustain GMP & new schedule M of Drug Act standards and environment.
  • To maintain Eco-Friendly environment around the plant.

We are highly quality conscious company. From the day first of installation of manufacturing unit, we have adopted all the standards, norms, procedures, materials, machines as prescribed in guidelines of new Schedule-M of Drug Act. The proof for this is issuance of GMP certificate by the Drug Controller, Govt. of Haryana & Himachal Pradesh. The Company is also awarded ISO 9001:2015 certifications by M/s Meclin International Accreditation Services, U.K.(MIAS).

The state of art plant's scientific functioning is divided into various zones. Each Zone keeps the separate AHUs (Air Handling Units), Dehumidification Unit and Dust Extraction Systems. Not only this, it also carries separate Duo Pass Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water System, Multi-stage DM Plant, monitoring of pH, temperature, and conductivity as per IP/ USP . To avoid cross contamination, every critical processing activity is segregated in separate zone with unique Heat Extraction Device. The plant is well equipped with fully self-reliant Quality Control Departments with sophisticated HPLC, Titration and UV Spectrophotometers, Dissolution test apparatus & microbiological testing to ensure complete conformity to stringent quality standards.

Our products are of high standard & quality being manufactured under certification of G.M.P., in the factory installed with state-of–the-art technologies and testing laborites as per latest schedule-M guidelines and norms. It is further a matter of pleasures for all of us that our factory has high ranked amongst all the Pharmaceuticals factories situated at Haryana & Himachal Pradesh, with regard to adoption of latest technologies and 100% implementation of schedule-M norms in infrastructure, production and quality control. Our products are well accepted in the market due to their high standard, best quality and efficacy. To add further stars to our quality & standard policy, we are very keen and eager to obtain WHO Certifications. To sustain the quality standards at optimum level, training and maintenance, upgradation on imparting of knowledge and training on latest technical breakthroughs are the golden feature in quality control segment of the company.